Panasonic AI | Panasonic Research and Development on Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Photo of John Stephen

John Stephen
- Major: Mechanical Engineering (Mechatronics)

Advanced Research Division
Joined in 2011

I am currently researching next-generation wearable robot technology. My work encompasses the whole research process, from coming up with concepts and ideas to designing prototypes and conducting verification experiments. By taking responsibility for everything, I am always learning something new and absorbing more knowledge. I really feel like I'm growing every day as a researcher. I try to focus my research on products that are useful in society and that customers want, which gives me a sense of awareness of how important my work is. I intended to come to Japan from overseas only for a short time, but I'm really motivated and excited about my work at Panasonic. I'd like to continue challenging myself here.

Photo of Toshiya Arai

Toshiya Arai
- Major: Frontier Bioscience (Visual neuroscience)

Intelligent Mobility Research Laboratory,Interactive AI Research Group
Joined in 2011

I am currently working at Stanford University, in America's Silicon Valley, where I'm researching automated driving and the interaction between humans and cars as an automotive application of AI technology. Silicon Valley is a hub where a diversity of manufacturers gather and carry out cutting-edge research and development. It's a stimulating environment that offers opportunities that go beyond corporate and national boundaries, and it's also a place where I can think freely and keep on trialling various methods and approaches until I find the right one. I'm really motivated and proud of my work at Stanford, where I'm also taking on the challenge of creating new businesses for the next generation.

Photo of Nanami Fujiwara

Nanami Fujiwara
- Major: Information Engineering (Technology and Science)

Interactive AI Research Group, Advanced Research Division
(joined Panasonic in 2013)

I am doing research and development relating to machine translation. In order to generate natural translations, it is necessary to have sample conversation data for different settings and situations such as factories, medical facilities, and guide for directions. Therefore, my aim is to improve translation performance by automatically generating dialogue data utilizing AI technology. Since joining Panasonic three years ago, I have been promoting research and development with researchers in and outside the company, while having more opportunities to incorporate my own opinions. In the future, I would like to take on the challenge of R&D that produces new value by incorporating interaction technology, based on the translation technology that I am working on now.

Photo of Yasunori Ishii

Yasunori Ishii
- Major: Information Engineering (Natural Science)

Intelligent Mobility Research Laboratory, Advanced Research Division
(joined Panasonic in 2003)

My work involves R&D on image processing based on deep learning. I find important information from large quantities of images, and develop algorithms to improve recognition accuracy. I was originally developing algorithms for use in digital cameras. The difficulty of the work and the joy of succeeding became the starting point for my work today. Now, I strive to develop optimal algorithms by anticipating the actual product design. Although deep learning is still a developing field, I am eager to incorporate new technologies for actual products.

Photo of Koji Morikawa

Koji Morikawa
- Major: Electronic Information (Bioelectronics)

Interactive AI Research Group, Advanced Research Division
(joined Panasonic in 1997)

I am pursuing R&D related to brain waves. My current work involves a lot of trial and error for the realization of rehabilitation assistance technology and life monitoring that utilizes brain waves and artificial intelligence technology. I think the basic motivations behind my work are a desire to understand human beings better and a desire to contribute to society through my own technology. As part of efforts to apply my research, I have also begun working on the development of new systems in cooperation with experts in and outside the company, such as medical school professors and semiconductor engineers. Moreover, I am promoting activities relating to the Whole-Brain Architecture Initiative. Together with colleagues who share my aspirations, my goal is to realize commercializion of technologies that can contribute to society.