Household Appliances are Different! Interesting Things Are Possible; How About It?

Ryosuke Kobayashi Ryosuke Kobayashi

Ryosuke Kobayashi

Technology Headquarters, Appliances Company

Majored in systems science at university.

Kengo Wada Kengo Wada

Kengo Wada

Technology Department, Eco Solutions Company

Majored in advanced fibro-science at university.

Takayoshi Ito Takayoshi Ito

Takayoshi Ito

Automotive Development Headquarters, Automotive & Industrial Systems Company

Majored in information science at university.

Ayaka Mitani Ayaka Mitani

Ayaka Mitani

AI Solution Center, Business Innovation Division, Panasonic

Majored in biosphere resource science at university.

*The department is where the interviewee belonged to at that time