Stephan John Stephan John

Stephan John

Major: Mechanical Engineering (Mechatronics)
AI Solution Center, Business Innovation Division, Panasonic
Joined 2011

I have always wanted to build new and advanced technology that can really help people. Since I joined Panasonic, I have been able to work on many such projects, from wearable robot technology, drones and now autonomous vehicles. My work starts by figuring out the core problem that should be solved, creating the concept, and then working with suppliers and team mates to prototype and develop the required systems. The most fulfilling part of my career was seeing the wearable robots I built help elderly customers to walk. My job is constantly challenging, but lets me grow professionally, and Panasonic has always supported this growth. I have found a rewarding career, and want to continue taking on challenges here at Panasonic.

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  • IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS) 2017

    External control of walking direction, using cross-wire mobile assist suit

    Kenta Murakami, Stephen W. John, Mayumi Komatsu , Shinobu Adachi

  • International Conference on Rehabilitation Robotics (ICORR) 2017

    Cross-wire assist suit concept, for mobile and lightweight multiple degree of freedom hip assistance

    Stephen W. John, Kenta Murakami, Mayumi Komatsu, Shinobu Adachi

  • IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics (ICCE) 2017

    Soft hip walking assist experimental system featuring variable compliance control

    Stephen W. John, Mayumi Komatsu, Kenta Murakami, Jun Ozawa, Masaki Yamamoto