Denis Gudovskiy Denis Gudovskiy

Denis Gudovskiy

M.Sc. in Computer Engineering
Panasonic AI Lab, Panasonic R&D Company of America

He specializes in deep learning-based algorithms for AI applications. His portfolio of research projects includes optimization of deep neural networks for edge AI devices, explainable AI tools, and automatic dataset management for computer vision applications.
In one of such projects he proposed and implemented a method of hardware-efficient neural network quantization and compression techniques for autonomous vehicles with stringent power and performance requirements. In the most recent work, Denis has demonstrated how data annotation costs could be significantly reduced with a use of advanced algorithms.His papers and demos are presented and published in top-tier machine learning and computer vision conferences such as NeurIPS, CVPR, ECCV, ICLR and ICASSP.
Within the explainable AI project, he has developed a tool to interpret and improve object detection results which contributes to Panasonic Automotive Company business. Denis sees corporate research as an important layer between moonshot academia projects and clearly-defined product development roadmaps in business units. His goal is to find and promote viable academia-grade opportunities at Panasonic within the exponentially growing landscape of AI applications.
In his free time, Denis enjoys riding motorcycles and mountaineering in Sierra Nevada.

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