Pushparaja Murugan Pushparaja Murugan

Pushparaja Murugan (also known as Raja)

M.Sc in Mechanical Engineering
Panasonic R&D Center Singapore

I have been working on AI-assisted Surveillance Systems and Home Appliances since I joined Panasonic R&D Center Singapore. I specialize in Neural Architecture Search, Automatic Data Augmentation and building lightweight Neural Networks. Along with Panasonic Appliances Company, I co-developed the Lightweight and Versatile Network (LVNet) that has been patented and incorporated in Panasonic’s flagship OLED TV (JZ2000) as well as other OLED and LED TV series (AUTO AI) and DIGA (Omakase Album). Such results took my aspirations for R&D to the next level. My current activities include Automatic Data Augmentation which is exploited to increase the performance of face recognition technology. My goal is to leverage computer vision and deep learning and thus improve people’s lives with technologies as such to the fore.

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