The future we envision

Innovate for better living, business and transportation with AI technology
to pursue “A Better Life, A Better World”

Panasonic upholds the corporate slogan “A Better Life, A Better World”.
We have always been striving to deliver innovative products and services that are able to solve problems in our lives or in our customers’ lives by implementing AI technology into Panasonic’s key business areas: home appliances, housing, automotive devices, and B2B solutions, and to pursue “A Better Life” and “A Better World”

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Our Research Areas

To take your life to a different level in living color

Applications using artificial intelligence (AI) technology have steadily been expanding in the world. The main reasons of this expansion are advancement of algorithms, improvement of computation abilities, and dramatic growth of data quantity that can be handled. Especially on the internet, a variety of practical advanced applications are in use. In the future, applications to pursue a safer and easier life by implementing AI technology into our daily lives, business, human behaviors, are expected to be further required.

Panasonic aims to assist our daily lives and business activities by combining technology we have developed including machine learning and natural language processing in the AI field with the one that the company has developed up to now including AV processing technology, and various sensors and actuators.